November 1, 2010

How to hack remote computer using IP address

Literally, hacking is accessing something or somebody in internet without their permission or interest. While, speaking in summary, hacking is very easy job, it is like instead of using front door, finding the hidden door of a house and hijacking the precious things. Among all the hacking, hacking via IP address is one of the most common yet powerful beginning.

You may want to hack the website and put your advertisement there or grab some database information In this type of hacking, you are playing with the web server's computer instead of the administrator's computer. Because, is hosted in separate web server rather than personal computer.

Another can be accessing your friend's computer from your home. Again this is IP based and this is possible only when your friend's computer is online. If it is off or not connected to internet then remote IP hacking is totally impossible.

Well, both of the hacking has the same process. Let's summarize what we must do.

  1. Confirm the website or a computer you want to hack.
  2. Find or trace their IP address.
  3. Make sure that IP address is online
  4. Scan for open ports
  5. Check for venerable ports
  6. access through the port
  7. Brute-force username and password
Now let me describe in brief in merely basic steps that a child can understand it.

First, getting the IP address of victim.
To get the IP address of the victim website, ping for it in command prompt.

For example,
will fetch the IP address of

This is how we can get the IP address of the victims website.

How about your friend's PC? You can't do www.yourfirend', can you? Finding your friend's IP address is little tough job, and tougher it is if he has dynamic IP address that keeps changing.

One of the widely used method to detect IP address of your friend is by chatting with him.

You might find this article helpful

Now you got the IP address right? Is it online?

To know the online status just ping the IP address, if it is online it will reply.

If the IP address is online, scan for the open ports. Open ports are like closed door without locks, you can go inside and outside easily.

Use Advanced Port Scanner to scan all open and venerable ports.

Now you've IP address and open port address of the victim, you can now use telnet to try to access them. Make sure that you've telnet enabled in your computer or install it from Control panel > Add remove programs > add windows components.

Now open command prompt and use telnet command to access to the IP address. Use following syntax for connection.

telnet [IP address] [Port]

You'll be asked to input login information.

If you can guess the informations easily then it's OK. Or you can use some brute-forcing tools like this one.

In this way you'll able to hack remove computer using only IP address


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