December 5, 2007

Math Humour

This page includes a few mathematically humourous jokes and sayings that any mathematician can appreciate! The jokes contain something essential about mathematics and the mathematical way of thinking.


Q: What did zero say to eight?
A: Nice belt!!

Q: What do you call a mathematician's bird that won't eat?
A: A poly "no meal"

Q: How does one insult a mathematician?
A: You say: "Your brain is smaller than any ε > 0"

Q: Why do you rarely find mathematicians spending time at the beach?
A: Because they have sine and cosine to get a tan and don't need the sun!

Life is complex: it has both real and imaginary components.

Q: How do mathematicians induce good behavior in their children?
A: 'If I've told you n times, I've told you n+1 times...'

Theorem: Every positive integer is interesting.
Proof: By contradiction, assume that there exists an uninteresting positive integer. Then there must be a smallest uninteresting positive integer. But that's pretty interesting! Therefore a contradiction!

Q: What is purple and commutative?
A: An abelian grape...

Let epsilon be less than zero...

In some alley, a function meets up with a differential operator:
"Get out of my way - or I'll differentiate you till you're zero!"
"Try it - I'm ex..."
"Too bad... I'm d/dy."


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