August 28, 2008

Unspoken feelings!!!

I feel so bad abt wat had happened n I regret for wat I could not do in past. I am so helpless abt the things which are happening in present, I am not able to do anything at all. All is happening in front of me n I am so helpless. Why is all happening ? Till when will it happen? Who'll come to help me ? OHH!!! all these questions are coming in my mind everytime everywhere. I cant be quite for a sec . I feel like time is running out of my hands n em just lookin it pass me by.

Wat will happen in the future ? Will it be the same that had happened in the past n wats happening right now. Oh!! em so scared of life. Is life all these stuffs ? Isnt there a way to be happy in life? Love was like a dream which just showed off then gone far away , it went so far that I couln't even see its shadow. Its just gone away from me so far so much far that now em alone. So lonely that I cant see anybody miles away. The silence is so scary, its pin drop silence out here. I wanna scream loud ,cry hard but wat worth of it as I know there is nobody to help, to talk n to be with me.So now I live alone N I'm tryin to forget evrythn that happened in my life . N see Its my life.